Illinois to issue Driver's Licenses to Non-Visa Residents

How CBA can help non-visa residents get a driver's license

If you've found yourself asking the question, "How do I get a Temporary Visitor Driver's License in Illinois?" Chuck Bretz & Associates has you covered.

Illinois is now issuing driver’s licenses, Temporary Visitor Driver’s License (“TVDL”) to non-visa status individuals. However, there are many requirements a person must go though before obtaining a TVDL. It is vital that you understand the requirements of the TVDL program, so you can avoid unnecessary delays to obtain driving privileges. Chuck Bretz & Associates can help you though this process.

First, a person’s ability to drive must be otherwise valid. If you have a suspended license, one or more DUIs, or prior tickets for driving without a license or other traffic tickets, you may be not eligible to get a TVDL. You must clear up those problems, including paying tickets, getting SR-22 or other insurance, or having a hearing at the Secretary of State. It is important to have an attorney from Chuck Bretz & Associates, PC to guide you though this process to ensure the best results.

Secondly, you must have either an unexpired foreign passport or a consular card. Only those cards issued by an approved country will be accepted. As of today, the only approved countries are Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Brazil. Visit the website or the Consulate office of your country of origin to find out more on how to obtain the card.

Third, you must have the required documents, which includes proof of signature, proof of current address, and proof of residency for the last 12 months. Proof of signature includes an unexpired foreign passport, consular card, credit card, other government ID, mortgage documents, or Mexican electoral card. Documents showing current address include bank statements, utility bills, mortgages or lease agreements, and school transcripts or report cards. The 12-month residency is shown by the same documents which date back at least 12 months. Be prepared to have all addresses you have resided at over the last 12 months ready, as you will need to fill out a form disclosing this.

Finally, you will have to make an appointment at one of the approved facilities and bring all the required material. You will also have to bring proof of current insurance. Appointments can be made online or by calling 855-236-1155.

The Secretary of State has several helpful guides, including a list of approved identification documents, residency verification, quick guides in different languages, and a comprehensive overview of the program.

Please contact Chuck Bretz & Associates, PC to find out more. One of our experienced professionals can help you through this process to ensure that you can obtain the TVDL and legally drive.